a. Download Tunnel app from Cytiva app store.  
b. This app enables you to access internal Cytiva sites from a mobile device
a. Please use the drop down domains, rather than free text
a. No
a. Yes.  Please, us the correct product code structure for that particular vendor  
b. BioRad 
     i. XXX-XXXXwhere X = number
c. LifeTech
     i. Wide range of nomenclature, including hyphens
d. Millipore
     i. No hyphens except: 345818-100ML, 64-201BP, 64-202BP, WB59-100ML
     ii. i.e Western Blotting range: YYYYXXXXXWhere Y = a letter, X =  a number/letter
e. Munktell
     i. No hyphens
f. Qiagen
     i. No hyphens
g. Pall
     i. XXXXwhere X = number
     ii. XXXXXwhere X = number
     iii. AP-XXXXwhere X = number
h. Pierce
     i. No hyphens
i. Promega
     i. No hyphens
     ii. YXXXX or YYXXXXWhere Y = a letter, X =  a number
j. Sartorius
     i. Syringe filters – no hyphens
     ii. Flatstock examples11301--25------N; 11306--47----ACN; FT-3-205-055; 13004--80----ALN
k. Thomson
     i. XXXXX-XXXwhere X = a number
l. Tosoh
     i. No hyphens
a. This relates to the email that is set up in SFDC, which enables an email sent to a customer to be attached as an activity to that customer profile.  Follow the instructions here to set up:
b. SFDC settings > my settings >  select email >   Email address unique to SFDC user…name email address as a contact ‘mysales’ and BCC emails I want attached to SFDC.
c. For new contacts or emails that don’t automatically attach to the email, sit in the ‘unresolved items”
d. This is not applicable to distributors and should not be completed
a. If there are issues with performance of the app, such as incorrect product information, send an email via the feedback button, describing the situation, including the competitor product code that has been searched against
a. Yes, separate the codes with a comma
b. Up to 10 product codes can be entered
a. The Sample Central links are only accessible to Europe and USCAN regions
b. The Sample Central links are located on an internal Cytiva site and not available to distributors
a. Yes
a. Yes
a. No
a. No
a. No
a. Up to 2   
a. A pre-configured email will be produced when the email button is used
b. An introductory line is included, followed by a space before the table.  Please use this space to customise the email to the customer